Dagestan Tur hunting

Dagestan (Eastern) Tur Hunting in Azerbaijan Dagestan Tur hunting in Russia

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Marco Polo Sheep hunting

Hunting in Kyrgyzstan Marco Polo Sheep, Hume Argali Hunting Marco Polo in Tajikistan

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Hunting huge Maral Stag (Asian elk)

Hunting huge Maral Stag (Asian elk) Maral hunting in Kazakhstan Maral hunting in Mongolia

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Ibex hunting

Ibex hunting Kyrgyzstan Each hunter is accompanied by 2-3 guides for the top hunt performance. There are several professional hunters with excellent hunting skills in our outfit who accompanies clients on hunts. IBEX hunting physical demands: middle – high (in some destinations riding on horseback, sleeping in tents). It will take about 10-14 hours to reach remote trophy area. Here you can find big size IBEX. Average trophy quality is 45″. Less distant places require less transportation time, you can hunt here for medium IBEX. Depending on the time of the…

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