Ibex hunting in Tajikistan

Ibex hunting in Tajikistan

Ibex hunting season in Tadjikistan; it can be any time from august to march even if after the first big snow (Nov-dec), ibex will be at lower altitude. Terrritory is quite steep so hunts in summer-autumn are challenging.
January to february is much better for success. But again all is depending where is the hunting territory and the altitude because there is territories to the north of Dushambe, to the east and to the South

Ibex area is on the Pamirs road (6-7 hours from Dushambe) by the way it is quite « mineral ».
There is also Wild boar in every valley just up to that lodge but also at 20 to 40 km. Wild boars than in big valleys with villages, agriculture, fruits trees or bush between Dushambe and Kulyab (or at one hour driving from Ibex area).

Accommodation are in villagers home. Received in Tadjik tradition. Simple.
Sometime we have a small hunting lodge in the territory where we have simple bed and a « bania » (local sauna from the Russian tradition).
In some Ibex area there is hunting lodge quite comfortable.To guarantee the success best is to sleep in the local guide house or in light camp in mountain.

For Ibex in Tadjikistan, best would be to organize the trip like that:

With Turkish-Airlines there is 3-4 flights per week (Wenesday, Friday, Sunday) to Dushambe (DYU) from most big cities of Europe through Istambul (IST) where you will be in transit, your luggages, Rifle, Ammo will go to final destination (DYU)
Exemple from Wenesday same timing on Friday and Sunday
Wenesday: Departure from Europe (take flights with minimum 1H30 of transit in Istambul, time to luggage to be sure at final destination …)
Thursday: arrival early morning in Dushambe, to drive 4 to 7 hours  hunting area. Hunt if possible. Night in village or hunting lodge.
Saturday / Sunday / Monday / Tuesday / Wenesday : hunt
Wednesday evening : back to Dushanbe. Diner and Night in Dushanbe at your own expenses (from Tajikistan hotel at 100 USD to Hyatt. Check on the web)
Thursday: Early morning flight back to Europe
Basis 1 or 2 hunters :
Package 9 days du Wenesday till Thursday OR  Friday to Saturday or Sunday to Monday  = USD per hunter
Package 11 days from Friday till Monday  = USD per hunterBasis 3 or 4 hunters :
Package 9 days du Wenesday till Thursday OR  Sunday to Monday  = USD per hunter

Package 11 days from Friday till Monday = USD par chasseur

Those prices are including :
All necessary licences to hunt
Assistance and clearance of rifles and ammo in the airport.
Full board accommodation in the hunting territories.That price do not include :
All flights  (from 400 USD to 1200 USD  for any flight in Economy. But depend of the reservation class with Turkish-Airlines)
Visa in the Dushambe airport 35 USD / VIP assistance 40 USD no available on internet evisa https://www.evisa.tj/index.evisa.html
All the insurances.
Night and meals in Dushambe (depend of the hotel category. The very new Hyatt can be negociate on Internet at cheap price for the quality. Check on the web.
Repatriation of the trophies. Generally with you in luggages (think to over excess luggage. It depend of the air company)

Trophy fees
Ibex = USD
Tuskers wild boars : USD (have to be payed CASH at the end of the trip to my correspondent)
Young : free
Females (big females) and to push hunters to not shoot at big females, we decide to put a fee at USD (And even if locals will push you to shoot at any boars, please do not shoot the first big animal in any herds. It is the big mother)
For bookings and any further information please contact us: info@mountainhunting.ru

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